What is WIN? WiSe 21/22

On the 28th of October – 5.00 pm “What is WIN?” will take place.

“What is WIN?” is the event where all professors and chairs of the Institute of Information Systems introduce themselves and present their research to us, so we know where to write our theses.


17:00 – Welcome (Prof. Matzner)
17:10 – DISS (Prof. Matzner)
17:20 – Gamification (Prof. Morschhäuser)
17:30 – WI2 (Prof. Matzner)
17:40 – DISS Research Talk
17:55 – JWI (Prof. Haag)
18:05 – WI1 (Prof. Tiefenbeck)
18:15 – IIS (Prof. Zschech)

Feel free to join us at WISO LG 3.152/3


Join us on ZOOM! (https://fau.zoom.us/j/68594234100?pwd=VHdNU0hUQVF0M3JOSzViclQ4SnR2UT09)