Welcome IIS Freshmen!

Dear IIS Students,

Welcome to the best master`s program in information systems there is! In the name of the currrent students and the student council I want to welcome you at the FAU and in the IIS.
A little overview over the next few days:
– Monday: Study Start and Official Welcome by the WIN (https://virtuelle-veranstaltungen.expo-ip.com/)
– Tuesday 17:30: Inofficial Welcome with Tipps&Tricks, Studyplan creation, election of class representatives and Get-together from fellow students and the student council. (ZOOM: https://fau.zoom.us/j/7213897521, FB: https://fb.me/e/1X70Zxump)
-Thursday: First Meeting of the student council for Inforamtion Systems

Sadly, we could not organize events in presence due to the COVID-19 Situation, but we were very happy that some of you already took care of that. As you know, there are different program structures which have all there Tricks that lead to a better and easier study experience. Therefore, we highly recommend to join the Inofficial Welcome on Tuesday to answer your quesitons and show you the best practices.

Best regards,
Maximilian for the FSI WInf/IIS