University Politics

Student Convention

The Student Convention is the highest elected student body at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and consists of 30 students. These are made up of 15 directly elected members and 3 representatives* from each of the 5 faculties, who are delegated to the Convention by the respective student representatives.

Faculty Council (FSV)

The student representative body at faculty level is the respective Fachschaftsvertretung (FSV). This is the official body of the students at the faculties, which deals with internal faculty matters and adopts the budget of the student representatives.

Student Council (FSI)

The student councils are the student bodies closest to the students. For Information Systems (Wirtschaftsinformatik), International Information Systems and business studies with Specialization Information Systems, the FSI WInf/IIS is the responsible student council.

Study Program Commission (Studiengangs- kommission)

The StuKo exchanges discusses current problems and derives measures to resolve these problems. Receiving input from the Q-Circles and the Beirat, the StuKo also makes strategic decisions to advance the study programs. The student representatives are appointed by the Q-Circle.

The Stuko

Q-Cycle (WInf & IIS)

The Quality Circle provides direct information exchange regarding the course of study between the Study, his assistants and students of each year. The objective is to identify and resolve weaknesses as early as possible. There is one Q-Circle for WInf and one for IIS. The student representatives are elected in the first week of the first semester.

The IIS Q-CircleThe WInf Q-Circle

Advisory Board (Beirat)

Fostering the exchange with representatives from companies and academia, the Beirat is an advisory board developing ideas for the strategic advancement of the course of study. The student representatives are appointed by the study coordinators from recommendations made by the student council.