Foundations of International Management 1 and 2 (FIM 1 and 2)


The subjects Foundations of International Management 1 and 2 are very similar in their structure, which is why they will be described here together. Both subjects comprise 5 ECTS each and can be completed one after the other in the winter semester. In terms of content, both subjects build on each other, which is why it is advisable to take both in one semester. The courses consist on the one hand of a lecture and on the other hand of a case study session which includes 1 ECTS, which is why the case study is mandatory. To do this, you must first read through a case study about a company and summarize the most important points. You will also be divided into a group, with which you will have about 1 hour in the case study session to prepare a presentation on a topic related to the case study. The topic will only be revealed on site. In addition, each topic is always assigned to 2 groups. For FIM 1 and 2 there are 2 case study sessions each and in one of the two sessions you have to give the presentation. In the other one you have to ask questions and make remarks about the presentation of the other team in the role of the board. Active participation improves the overall grade of the case study session. The FIM 1 exam takes place in the winter semester before the Christmas holidays. The FIM 2 exam is at the end of the semester. In both cases the theory is tested by multiple choice. In addition, one has to write an essay on a topic in each of them. Particular attention must be paid to the structure of an essay and the argumentation concept.