PhD@WIN – Can you imagine doing a PhD at WIN? How does a PhD work? What should I expect from a PhD at WIN? At this event, several doctoral students and professors of the WIN will talk about their journey in the world of research and to the WIN. With our information event we would like to arouse yozur interest in a doctoral program and the associated activies as a research assisatant at the WIN – the Institute of Information System.


What is the event about?

Professors and doctoral students form different chairs of the Institute of Information Systems would like to clarify the following questions with you:

  • What are good reasons for doing a doctorate after graduation?
  • How does a doctorate work and what formalities do I have to consider?
  • What expectations are associated with a doctorate and what challenges will have to face?


  • Wednesday, June 30, 5:00 pm


  • Online session in Zoom (